Thursday, March 24, 2011

Repent Ye, Inventor of the Postage Stamp

The Page of Opinions as penned
by Correspondo, in Old
McFinniganagal's Gazette, 1849

How I deplore the introduction of the common postage stamp.

Everywhere people are writing letters, tossing them off as a sparrow might twitter its morning song. All have gone "mail mad"! Every little thought must be put down in ink and "mailed". All their experience and emotion is reduced to a page of babble and for what and for whom and for whyforth? Who cares if they've broken their fast and are dressing for lunch with the vicar? Until the advent of the postage stamp, I knew nothing of their activity, so why do I need to know now?

And why do they persist in . . .

Full story at: The Australian


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