Thursday, June 23, 2011

Michigan Tech Scientist Honored on U.S. Postage Stamp

Melvin Calvin, a Michigan Tech alumnus who was awarded a Nobel Prize, now has his name and face on a postage stamp--a stamp of approval for a distinguished man.

Calvin was the first scientist to unravel the secrets of photosynthesis—knowledge that became known as “the Calvin cycle.” That work won him and a colleague the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1961. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded since 1901. A total of 159 people have been named laureates. Calvin joined the ranks of Marie Curie and Linus Paulding.

Now he is memorialized on a 44-cent postage stamp.

Over the years, stamps . . .

Full story at: Michigan Tech News

Two of Bermuda's Rarest Stamps Go To Auction

Two of Bermuda’s rarest stamps could fetch as much as $100,000 each when they go up for auction in London next week. . . . Former postmaster of Hamilton, William Bennett Perot, created the stamps around 1853. There are believed to be less than a dozen left in existence; three are owned by . . .

Full story at: The Royal Gazette Online

Mark Twain Postage Stamp to be Released by U.S. Postal Service

WASHINGTON — Acclaimed author and humorist Mark Twain is being honored by the U.S. Postal Service with the issuance of a commemorative Forever postage stamp in the city that served as the setting for two of his most famous works. A first-day-of-issue ceremony will be held June 25 at the Mark Twain Boyhood Home Museum in Hannibal, MO. The 27th stamp in the Literary Arts series, the Mark Twain First-Class Forever stamp will go on sale nationwide at Post Offices and online at on June 25.

“Our literary tribute this year rightfully honors Mark Twain, author of one of the greatest novels in American literature and the man whom William Faulkner called ‘the first truly American writer,’ said Postal Service Board of Governors member James H. Bilbray. “Mark Twain was a rarity, as he was one of the first writers to exploit the . . .

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Perth Mint to Release Bush Babies Koala Coin and Stamp First Day Cover

The Perth Mint and Australia Post are pleased to present the first coin and stamp cover in this adorable series featuring iconic baby animals. This series follows the same designs featured in the Australian Bush Babies 1/2oz Silver Proof series released from 2010-2011.

The coin and stamp both feature the koala, perhaps Australia’s most beloved animal. The cuddly koala ‘bear’ is not really a bear at all, but a marsupial. Protected by law, the koala lives on a diet of eucalypt leaves from the tree of the same name. This furry friend is one of the few animals that actually has fingerprints similar to humans and when distressed the koala issues a cry that has been compared to that of a human baby.

Full stamp and coin details at: Perth Mint

Monday, June 20, 2011

Art Deco Postage Stamps Released by Canada Post

This five-stamp issue celebrating the details of the Art Déco period showcases five Canadian structures built during the era. . . . According to designer Ivan Novotny of Taylor | Sprules, “Many of the great (Art) Deco buildings across this country have very distinct silhouettes that were defined by the principles of the movement. It’s the commonly overlooked extraordinary details that adorn these great spires that demand a closer look.”

In addition to dramatic black and white photo-graphy, Novotny adds that the stamp design “uses bold geometric forms and vibrant colours, to capture each building’s unique character.”

According to Alain Leduc, Stamp Design Manager, “With stamps, it’s the details that . . .

Full stamp details at: Canada Post

Canada Post to Issue New "Stupid" and "Ugly" Postage Stamp

Canadian stamp expert finds Zodiac theme "stupid" and stamps "ugly."

On June 22, Canada Post will launch the fourth in its Signs of the Zodiac stamp series, one saluting Cancer the Crab.

It will join Aries, Taurus and Gemini, already released earlier this year, each one on the day in which each constellation took its place of prominence in the zodiac calendar. . . . Some stampers are not that excited. . . .

Full story at: The Telegraph-Journal

Scientists Honored on U.S. Postage Stamps

ST. PAUL, MN — Four American scientists were honored on Forever stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service during a special ceremony at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

The distinguished scientists are: chemist Melvin Calvin; botanist Asa Gray; physicist Maria Goeppert Mayer; and biochemist Severo Ochoa. The stamps go on sale nationwide at local Post Offices, online at and through the toll-free line, 1-800 782-6724.

With these stamps, the third in the American Scientists series, the Postal Service honors four Americans who, while dedicating their lives to understanding the fundamental process of nature, made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of science.

“In this small way, we have created a lasting tribute to four extraordinary scientists, and as we share their legacy with Americans everywhere, it is our fervent hope that these stamps also will help to light the spark of science in young minds everywhere,” said Pritha Mehra, Postal Service vice president, Mail Entry and Payment Technology. who dedicated the stamp.

“And, whenever you purchase these wonderful new stamps, they will be good for . . .

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Vatican Stamp Collection One of the World's Best

Josephite Father Edward J. Mullowney was just a young lad when in 1929 the Vatican became a sovereign city state through the Lateran Treaty made between Pope Piux XI and Italy’s Fascist prime minister, Benito Mussolini.

His father, an avid U.S. stamp collector, encouraged his young son to begin collecting stamps from the Vatican.

“My father said, ‘it’s a new country, and you can . . .

Full story at: The Catholic Review