Monday, May 7, 2012

Jersey Moths and Butterflies Featured on
Postage Stamps

The third issue in this very popular series depicts a further selection of butterflies and moths painted by William Oliver.

 A conservationist, William strives to capture his subjects in their natural habitat and paints them in extraordinary detail.

The creatures illustrated on the stamps are:
  •  Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing – a nocturnal moth 
  • Painted Lady – a butterfly which visits Jersey in fluctuating numbers 
  • Merveille du Jour – a striking moth often seen during day time 
  • Queen of Spain Fritillary – a butterfly which visits Jersey only occasionally 
  • Large Emerald – a large and handsome moth 
  • Red Admiral – a well-known butterfly often seen in Jersey gardens and hedgerows
Find out more at: Jersey Post


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